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Reels, Clips, Voice Over

"As an actor, Ayla Rose is a risk taker, a giver, and she takes direction really well."

Reels & Scenes

Comedy Reel

Glee, The Board, and Other scenes.

Multi-Cam Baby Daddy Scene

Directed by Yang Hua Hu
Patrick Censoplano and Ayla Rose Barreau

Prison Break

Written & Directed by Erin Li

Love in the Time of Covid

Written by Ayla Rose Barreau

Voice Over

00:00 / 01:59

Commercial Voice Over Reel

00:00 / 12:12

Open Door Playhouse Podcast

00:00 / 21:20

Open Door Playhouse Podcast

00:00 / 37:16

Music Videos

"Hat Shaped Cookie" (WAP Spoof)

Directed by Isaac Feder


Music by Stefy

Virtual Theatre Readings

A Black and White Cookie

Written by Gary Morgenstein

Ethel Party

Directed by Marc Antonia Pritchett
SkyPilot Theatre Company Virtual Theatre Series

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