Production Photos & Stills Production Photos & Stills Heroes Season 1 Episode 2 "Don't Look Back" Union Wells High Cheerleaders in trouble? No... one is awarded for a good deed! 80628945 Glee Season 1 Episode 14 "Hell-O" (Dottie Westerton) The Old Maid's Club - Another of Coach Silvester's devious plans to break up the Glee Club. (Ayla Rose Barreau & Jane Lynch) 80630846 Glee - Dottie Westerton's Evil Stare The Old Maid's Club - Coach,"...Go for it, or you might end up like Dottie here...who couldn't get a date to homecoming..." Rachel, "NO HOMECOMING??" (Ayla Rose Barreau, Jane Lynch and Lea Michelle) 80630847 Kumar's Day at the Park - Pie! Pie in the Face!! (Chenthil Kumar & Ayla Rose Barreau) 85746916 Kumar's Day at the Park Kumar & Candy! (Chenthil Kumar & Ayla Rose Barreau) 85746917 Trick-or-Treat 203279176